Welcome to LiveJabber

A secure XMPP server. Why?

  • Connectivity is only via SSL.
  • Your password is stored as a hash.
  • We don't save your conversations.
  • The same user cannot log in at the same time.
  • Registration is very easy.
  • Just for free.
  • Prosody

  • PostgreSQL

  • Pidgin

  • Debian

How it Works

We made it with Prosody an open source product. Data stored on PostgreSQL which proved to be reliable.


You can use Pidgin as an XMPP client available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Android application

On Android you can use the Xabber application.


On Debian you can activate it as a bot by installing the im-xmpp package. The incoming message is stored in the file, as well as if you want to send a message by creating a file. Easy.

How to Remove Your XMPP Server from Our Blacklist

If your XMPP server in the blacklist that is because your user try to connect to our user and we got an error message such as DNS problem, or SSL certificate problem on your server.

After fix the problem you must try again to connect to our user. If everything is well so your server will removed from the blacklist after 5 minutes automatically.